Why choose us

  • Expertise BioVirtus can execute large long-confinement studies with up to 45 subjects.
  • Effectiveness Thanks to a large database of subjects BioVirtus guarantees swift and effective recruitment, screening and enrolment.
  • Easiness We have the ability to quickly enrol patients with various diseases.     

Medical procedures

Clinical activities are performed by experienced and well-trained clinical research teams: investigators, nurses, laboratory technicians, and pharmacists, according to the BioVirtus SOPs and study protocol requirements.We constantly extend a scope of medical procedures that can be performed at the BioVirtus Research Site.

The following medical procedures can be performed:

  • medical and medication history
  • demographic interview
  • physical examination
  • weight, height measurement, calculating BMI
  • vital signs
  • ECG performance and ECG monitoring
  • spirometry
  • psychological tests
  • allergy skin tests
  • various methods of investigational product administration (oral, intravenous, subcutaneous, intramuscular, trans-dermal, inhaled, rectal)
  • breath tests (alcohol, CO)
  • blood sampling for PK in defined time points, medical analyses etc.
  • urine collection for pregnancy, toxicology, nicotine tests, urinalysis, etc.
  • 24-h urine collection for various analyses (e.g. biomarkers)
  • skin biopsy
  • bone marrow aspiration
  • collection of other biological materials (e.g. saliva)
  • monitoring, recording and reporting of AEs/SAEs
  • 24-h professional medical supervision (doctor’s and nurse’s duty)
  • procedures for emergency situations to assure the subjects’ safety
  • other study specific procedures.

A standardized diet based on study-specific requirements is prepared for each clinical study.