Why choose us

  • Expertise BioVirtus can execute large long-confinement studies with up to 45 subjects.
  • Effectiveness Thanks to a large database of subjects BioVirtus guarantees swift and effective recruitment, screening and enrolment.
  • Easiness We have the ability to quickly enrol patients with various diseases.     

Laboratory Procedures

The BioVirtus laboratory team (experienced and trained diagnosticians and laboratory technicians) performs the following activities:

Processing of blood samples for analytical tests (incl. pharmacokinetic analyses in defined time points according to protocols):

  • centrifuging in cooling conditions
  • serum transfer to the secondary tubes
  • freezing and storage
  • shipment to analytical laboratory

Urine processing:

  • in-house urine tests (pregnancy test, drug test, nicotine tests, dipstick test)
  • 24 hours urine collection
  • urine collection for PK/PD analysis
  • storage and shipment to the analytical laboratory 

>> preparation and labelling of primary and back-up samples
>> maintaining of full documentation of samples collected, processed, stored and shipped to a laboratory
>> freezing and storage of biological samples at temperatures below -20°C or -70°C (temperature monitoring and recording system coupled with an alarm system)
>> packing and shipment of samples to a laboratory in controlled conditions
(ambient or frozen) with constant recording of temperature during shipment.