BioVirtus is fully equipped to properly process and store biological samples collected during clinical trials. Its facility has all modern equipment required to accomplish those tasks, including refrigerated centrifuges, and freezers (-20oC and -80 oC). Urine samples are processed in a dedicated room under a laboratory fume hood. All laboratory personnel is very well educated and highly trained in all relevant procedures.

All equipment, consumables, and analytical kits are stored in a locked room in a temperature/humidity-controlled environment.

BioVirtus laboratories are equipped with a modern central ventilation and air conditioning system controlling and recording temperatures in all rooms. Temperatures in the freezers are also constantly monitored and recorded. Any deviation from the proper temperature ranges triggers an alarm. Simultaneously a notification is send to personnel which initiates proper emergency procedures. This system has web-based capability what allows remote temperature monitoring (in both, rooms, and freezers) after logging into a secure website.

The temperature data is continuously archived on the BioVirtus server and in the laboratory files.

The laboratory has an emergency power supply which ensures normal operations during any potential power outages for up to 72 hours.