Outpatient Clinic

In June of 2014 BioVirtus expanded its operations by opening its new outpatient clinic in Warsaw - BioVirtus Medical Center. In addition to supporting clinical trials conducted by BioVirtus, this fully equipped outpatient clinic will deliver primary and specialty care to its patients.

BioVirtus Medical Center facility is dedicated to conduct comprehensive Phase I-II clinical research with ambulatory procedures. There is a dedicated and equipped pharmacy room for storing and dispensing investigational products at different temperatures, and on-site laboratory for processing of collected blood and urine samples. Diagnostics is facilitated by state of the art ultrasound imaging as well as a wide variety of laboratory tests.

BioVirtus Medical Center is specialized in the clinical trials in the following areas: oncology, allergology, cardiology, neurology, pulmonology, dermatology, gynecology, and elderly care. There are also substance abuse, and smoking-cessation programs.

BioVirtus Medical Center is a part of BioVirtus Research Site Ltd. and it is fully compliant with QA and training system of the parent company.

Opening the new facility in Warsaw is a part of the BioVirtus expansion strategy which includes creation of a network of clinics at various locations to allow fulfilling the sponsors’ needs for high-quality and effective clinical research services.

BioVirtus Medical Center is conveniently located just minutes from the subway station with great connections to the City Center, and the Warsaw’s International Airport (see map below).