BioVirtus participates in the European Programs for SMEs

From the very beginning of its existence BioVirtus is focused on organic growth, and on constant improvement of services provided to its customers. In order to accomplish these goals the company participates in various European programs supporting small and medium size companies.


One of these programs, supported by the European Union, is called "Passport to Export". It facilitates participation of small and medium size companies in scientific and commercial events worldwide.

The goal of the program is promotion of the supported companies on foreign markets. It helps potential customers recognizing the value of doing business with participating companies. It also helps the BioVirtus personnel to broaden their knowledge, and establish new contacts with their colleagues from other countries. 

"Presentation of our company on the wide global forum provides an excellent opportunity to enter new markets, as well as strengthens our competitive position in the local market" said Dr. Katarzyna Jarus-Dziedzic, the founder and the CEO of BioVirtus.

Participation in international scientific and commercial events allows BioVirtus to present its capabilities and services in clinical trials at global forums, and to quickly establish cooperation with new partners, and/or clients including international pharmaceutical companies, biotech firms, and CROs.